Frequently Asked Questions

We have perfected our system in order to make your transition to a Managed WordPress Hosting partner as easy and painless as possible.  With a live person to speak to, we will walk you through the process and be there every step of the way from first call to site launch.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Our program is full-service WordPress maintenance. It includes premium hosting with Kinsta, full monitoring for uptime, weekly updates for supported themes & plugins, security hardening, premium caching and image optimization plugins for speed and performance and last but most importantly, first class service from real people.
Examples of things not included in our managed hosting and maintenance program are as follows:
  • Repair of broken themes or plugins that are not supported authorized by
  • Updating or modifying custom themes or plugins
  • Repairing broken sites due to site owner or user modifying code or core files
  • Website changes more than basic text or image changes
  • E-Commerce product management
  • Email hosting and/or support

This what we’re here for. If there is an issue with your site that takes it down, or causes pages to break, we will jump on it right away. We use notification tools that alert us as soon as a client site goes down.

Having said that, if the issue is related to a deprecated theme or plugin that is no longer supported, additional costs may incur in order to restore the site.

When you come on board with ZingerWP, we will provide an audit on your site and notify you of any potential red flags and get ahead of any issues before they occur.

Yes and no. We provide personal support during business hours between 9-5 EST – Monday to Friday. As a client of ZingerWP, you are provided your own private access to your Kinsta hosting portal, which includes access to Kinsta’s 24/7 award winning support.

Having said that, if your website were to go down for any reason outside of our working hours, we will be notified, and will take action as quickly as possible.

We offer a ‘hack guarantee’ that includes infection removal and hack cleanup, as long as you adhere to our terms of use. This means, if we have identified potential malicious entry points and asked for you to take action on these but fail to do so, and this is the result of the infection, charges may apply.

For example: The removal of abandoned plugins or themes, use of weak passwords, weak usernames (admin).

Before migrating client sites to our Kinsta servers, we will perform an audit and determine its eligibility. If your website is infected with malware, or is so outdated, that updating to today’s standards will break the site due to incompatibility, we will advise you on our findings, and provide a quote to get the site to a healthy state before migrating it to our servers.
Absolutely!  All of our client sites are backed up daily and kept for 30 days, so we can restore one of 30 versions if something were to go wrong.

All of our monthly clients receive 30 minutes of basic website edits and our annual clients receive 6 hours per year ($480 value!).  This includes minor tweaks such as minor content changes, image swaps or basic blog posts published.  It does not include major page alterations, new page additions or functionality modification.  While we can certainly help with these tasks, they would be billed separately.

Unfortunately, there may be instances where we cannot accept some websites.  First and foremost would be non-WordPress websites.  The second would be a WordPress site that is so far out of date or infected that it would not meet our standards of stability and security to be considered.  We would however be able to provide you a quote to make the necessary changes and upgrades to approve eligibility.

Well, we don’t plan on giving you any reason to be unsatisfied!  If you must move on, this is no problem.  You will already be in possession of everything required to migrate your website away.  From within your MyKinsta hosting panel, you will have access to all the necessary SFTP and SSH credentials.  Once your site has been migrated away to your new provider and the DNS is no longer pointing to our server your payments will be cancelled.

As good as we are, there is no guarantee of 100% uptime, in fact there are not many (if any) who can. Occasionally, a server can sputter for various reasons, but these are usually not even noticeable.  Of our suite of over 60 client sites, we are averaging an uptime of 99.97% over four years.

ZingerWP actually originated from our parent company Zinger Web Design – a full-service web design and development firm. We can design and develop a new website for you, develop custom plugins or pretty much anything you need when it comes to WordPress!

Our partner hosting company Kinsta boasts some of the fastest hosting servers in the business. That said, there is more to a fast WordPress site than just servers. This could be due to a number of factors such as: the quality of themes and plugins being used, images that are being scaled amongst other things. Part of our service is the inclusion of caching plugins and image optimization tools, but that to can also go so far. If speed continues to be a problem, we will diagnose the core issues and provide you suggestions and associated costs to sort these out.

No. We do not provide any sort of email hosting or support, although we are happy to provide referrals and suggestions.
When you decide to move forward with us, the first step is for us to gain access to your WordPress website so we can make an assessment as to the health of the site and determine if anything needs to be done prior to migration. We will only migrate sites that are clean of infection, and up to date to our satisfaction. If there are concerns, we will outline these to you in detail along with costs to get the site ready to migrate. Assuming all is good, we will start the migration within 24 hours, and be ready with a temporary domain so you can review within another 24 hours. Once you are happy with the migrated version of the site, the DNS is ready to be pointed to our servers.
Not much really. You would need to provide us the necessary access such as WordPress admin credentials, access to cPanel or current hosting portal and access to your DNS. Often times, we do not require access to your domain registrar for the client prefers to make the necessary DNS change themselves, which is more than fine.
Absolutely not. We recommend your domain be registered in your name at a reputable domain name management company or registrar. You own your domain, and you maintain control of it at all times. If you are not comfortable with making DNS changes, you can provide us temporary access to your account so we can make the necessary changes. Once that is complete, we recommend you change your password.

Yes. We will provide with you all the necessary credentials such as SFTP and SSH, so you are fully portable and not tied to ZingerWP.

Not in the traditional sense.  We do own physical servers, or provide hosting to the masses.  We partner with Kinsta – one of the leading Website hosting companies for WordPress for all of our hosting technologies.

No.  Our program is designed for WordPress only.

Often yes, but not always.  There are situations, where we cannot guarantee the stability of your website.  Examples of this would be websites running custom or no longer supported themes or plugins.  Custom themes and plugins are typically not supported by the original developers, so while they may work for certain versions of WordPress, there is always a chance future versions of WordPress or PHP may cause conflicts and incompatibility issues which are out of our control.  We will make every effort possible to resolve these issues, but additional charges would apply.